I was going to be in Europe this fall. In fact, I have the ticket. A combination of low European air-fares and the collapse of the British Pound after the whole Brexit fiasco created an opportunity where I was able to score a one-way ticket to London for about $160 flying out of California.  I bought the ticket without much of a plan as to what a fall European adventure might look like, but in that instant reality began to shift.

For me, reality is nothing more than thoughts coming to fruition. This process only occurs through action, but in the instant an action is applied to a thought, reality is forced to shift. I like to see it as a team of workers building the set for the movie that is my life. Each time I as the director make a script change, they're forced to abandon their present efforts and focus on the new direction. In the case of Europe, the original script had me in Hawaii for the fall - and so I'm sure the reality staff had been hard at work making plans for those stories to unfold. The purchase of a ticket to Europe scrapped those ideas and created entirely new scenarios, places and people to encounter.

Alas...  I can't make it to Europe this fall. Business is strong, there are events to attend... the enthusiasm in which the ticket was purchased gave way to the reality that jaunting off to Europe in October, while exciting, isn't in the cards. Instead, I'll be spending nearly a month in Portland and then about three weeks up in New York with my family.  So once again the reality team - having just arrived in Europe - is heading back to the States to make preparations for Portland.

I rarely can see more than a few months out in my life these days. At the moment I am living in a home with friends who asked me to watch their house for several months. I'd been living in a small one-bedroom apartment and so the opportunity to take care of a 5-bedroom, million-dollar home with ocean views was a no-brainer. But the moment I took the offer I knew it wasn't permanent - change was inevitable. I'll be on the mainland for two months now, and then when I return they are leaving once more and I'll watch the house again till they return in January. At that point I'll likely move somewhere new.  Here on Maui...  back on the Mainland... further out into the world.  It's hard to say because I honestly haven't thought it out yet. The reality team is waiting patiently for me to make my choice. And there we find ourselves in a stand-off... reality waiting for me to choose, and me patiently allowing it to simply unfold before me. The two of us, standing at the doorway of the present moment, repeating to each other, "Please, after you..."

There has been too much noise lately. The quiet of early summer replaced by activity and work and socializing and stress. It is time to clear that all away and return to the silence. The peace that existed at the start of the year brought forth a vision of Japan that led to some of the best weeks of my life. It is time to listen to breeze at dawn again. It is time to discover the next path.

"Take one moment, whatever it is you want, however mundane or profound, and just stop looking for it. And you will find more than what you could ever want. Because more than what can be wanted, is already who you are."

- Gangaji